Apprenticeship Scheme 

Business Skills for the future

We support standards including:


  • Public Service Operational Delivery Officer; 

  • Business Administrator; 

  • Customer Service Specialist; 

  • Customer Service Practitioner;

  • Human Resources Consultant;

  • Leadership and Management;

  • Social Media and Marketing;

  • Investment Operations Administrator; 

  • Specialist, and Technician;

Business skills – preparing apprentices for EPA success

Business and customer service skills are fundamental to the success of British businesses of all sizes, as customer expectations increase.

At the same time, team leadership and management skills are in increasing demand in service-led industries, with businesses needing great customer facing staff, administrators and team leaders.

We delivered assessments EPA assessments with a 90% pass rate across a wide range of administrative departments. 

We put our development success at the heart of apprenticeships, and our emphasis on support, quality of materials and assessment preparation for apprentices. Combined with our 10 years of working in education  and business services and with industry partners, we’re a trusted provider in EPA services.

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